Below you will find five videos – one that shows an overview of the IAM4kids mentoring program I developed over the past 10 years in Lawrence County, Tenn. The other four videos are interviews with some of the key professionals who have seen kids’ lives changed through this mentoring program.

IAM4Kids Mentoring Program Overview

Interview with Lawrence County Director of School Johnny McDaniel

In this interview, you’ll learn about the positive outcomes the Lawrence County School System has seen from partnering with their community to bring mentors to vulnerable students for the past 10 years.

Interview with New Prospect Elementary Counselor Heather Durham and Lawrence County Mental Health Initiative Director April Abercrombie

In this interview, you’ll learn about why mentoring is such a valuable tool in reducing challenging student behavior in the classroom.

Interview with Lawrence County Attendance Officer Mickey Dunn

In this interview, you’ll learn why mentoring is a major step in helping kids overcome the hurdles that keep them from performing successfully in school.

Interview with Leoma Elementary Principal Kathy Burns

In this interview, you’ll learn about how teachers and staff can reconnect with students through an in-school mentoring program.

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