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How A Youth Pastor Grew A Community Wide Mentoring Program Through A Collaborate Relationship Between Churches, Schools, And Community Leaders. 

I was working as a youth pastor and volunteered to eat lunch with students of the local alternative school once a week under Theresa Beck’s IAM4kids ministry. That year, I received a character award from the school system and was then asked to start a county-wide mentoring program in all 13 schools.

Upon receiving training through the Navigator Ministry and Christian Association of Youth Mentoring, I started IAM4Kids Mentoring which provided one-on-one mentors for the school system. I did this on a volunteer basis until I became the full-time director in 2008.

For the past 12 years, I have been able to unite churches, civic groups, community clubs and schools and trained hundreds of community volunteer mentors that have made a real difference in the lives of the kids in the Lawrence County, Tenn school system. Now, we are expanding into other school systems and my vision is to take this community-wide mentoring program to communities across the United States.

This is not a school crisis but a community crisis!

3 KEYS TO PREVENTION WORKSHOP: The mission of the ‘3 Keys’ workshop is to give an overview on how each community can create a trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive environment by fostering a message of hope to students, by educating adults in trauma prevention and intervention, and by helping communities develop collaborative mentoring programs (Appropriate for any agency desiring to unite their community to serve the at-risk student population).


While school shootings and suicides are always a possibility, your community can help prevent these unspeakable events by creating a trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive environment. My 3 key approach is to deliver a message of hope to INSPIRE students, INSPIRE adults by training them to connect to students who have disconnected and understanding the effects of trauma, and to INSPIRE communities to develop an IAM4KIDS MENTORING PROGRAM, through a step by step process, which has proven to positively impact the success of at-risk students. My presentation will help build a bridge between your kids and your community.

Key Three Presentation:  Helping Communities learn how to develop a collaborative mentoring program. 

Educators, caregivers, and therapists all point to mentoring being the single most effective strategy for getting students on track for success.  I work with schools and faith communities to establish mentoring programs that work. (Click on ‘Adults’ for list of specific workshops for church or schools on how to develop a collaborative mentoring program with the faith community, a teacher led mentoring program, or a student-to-student mentoring program).

Providing a local mentor training for faith-based mentors.

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Testimony from Lawrence County Truancy Officer Mickey Dunn. 


Character Award in 2007 for my volunteer work with the local Alternative School. Afterwards I was asked to create a county-wide mentoring program.


Planning a Community Faith-Based forum with local pastors, not-for-profit agencies and local government through the Lawrence County Substance Abuse Coalition. 

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Creating a School sponsored mentoring club ‘Kids Helping Kids’ at Lawrence County High School with local students.

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Training local administrators on trauma intervention.

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If you haven’t found what you need or if you want to take the conversation further, please contact me via or 931-244-0945.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.