Working With the Community

One of the reasons IAM4kids has worked so well is our approach to involving the community. My original background is in youth ministry and I was asked over and over to help in schools on a volunteer basis. Through that experience, I learned that the best way to help kids gain knowledge of their value and worth is to involve mentors from all walks of life and to not put the responsibility of running the mentoring program on the school.

Teachers, counselors and administrators have enough responsibility to carry for our kids. I believe that the “village” has to step up to help. That’s where my unique experience in working with the schools, civic groups and faith community comes together.

I have successfully helped the Lawrence County schools and community maintain their own identities (school, church, community) while working together to do what we each do best – educate and motivate kids.

When I work with a community, we establish the mentoring program (aside from the student-run clubs) administration outside of the school.

The mentoring often happens on campus, but the administration is handled through a carefully selected community liaison and board of directors. We establish the foundation program with a church, group of churches, civic group or combination of community organizations. These groups bear the cost of managing the program (recruiting/matching mentors and administration costs).

Here is a graphic representation of the structure:


This unique partnership is the secret to the success of IAM4KIDS. To learn more about how you can bring this program to your community, please contact me.