Orange Crushing a low self-image

A mentoring story One of our newest mentors Gary looked at his watch and notified his teammate that he was leaving. He left his workplace about fifteen minutes early to ensure that he had plenty of time to pick up his child’s request of, “a Little Caesars Pizza and an Orange Crush”. Waiting patiently in … Continue reading Orange Crushing a low self-image


  During Fall Break I decided to visit Penuel Ridge Retreat to do some writing. Penuel stands for ‘wresting with God’. On its 300 acre property was a Prayer Labyrinth. Ironically, one of my projects was to study and write on the topic of listening. After walking the Prayer Labyrinth and studying its 3,500 year … Continue reading THE HEALING PROPERTIES OF LISTENING

Connection must be intentional and purposeful

In order to make a connection with our own children and the children in our care we must be intentional and purposeful. CONNECTION GIVES EMOTIONAL LEVERAGE. Gaining emotional leverage allows us to have an impact on a child’s behavior and actions. A connection will not occur in passing or in a half-hazard attempt. CONNECTION MUST … Continue reading Connection must be intentional and purposeful

Not just a school crisis but a community crisis

In 2007, I attended a mentoring conference in Nashville. What I learned was shocking. But it shouldn't really surprise anyone – “fatherlessness is the biggest threat to our nation” –First Lady Laura Bush The school system is the de facto answer to the problem. We've forced our schools to add character development, personal grooming, social, emotional … Continue reading Not just a school crisis but a community crisis